Franklin County Sheriff’s Department Weekly Report August 18th – 25th 2017


8/19/2017 0747hrs, Deputy Madore investigated a late report of an accident on the River Road in Phillips.

8/19/2017 1040hrs, Deputy Scovil responded to a motor vehicle complaint of an erratic driver in Jay at the request of Jay Police officer who was out of position to respond.  The alleged offender was located.

8/19/2017 1252hrs, Deputy McCormick investigated an animal complaint on the Huff Rd in Freeman.  It was reported that dogs were roaming at large and were in the road.  The person watching over the dogs was warned for having dogs running at large.

8/19/2017 1506hrs, Deputy McCormick investigated a harassment complaint on the Adams Rd in Chesterville.  The suspect was summonsed for harassing the complainant who lives on Horseshoe pond rd.

8/19/2017 1708hrs, Deputy Burke responded to Swett Brook Lane in Weld regarding a threatening complaint.  Neighbors were feuding over a dog.

8/19/2017 2046hrs, Deputy Scovil investigated a disturbance call on the Adams Rd in Chesterville. The complainant called to report that neighbors were shooting off fireworks and he could not sleep.  He was advised that it was legal until 10pm and to call back if it extended beyond that.  

8/19/2017 2228hrs, Deputy Burke responded to a single vehicle accident on the Industry Rd in Industry.  No injuries were reported.

8/20/2017 1414hrs, Deputy Scovil responded to a report of a domestic disturbance on the Webster Rd in New Sharon.  As a result of the investigation, Michael White (51) of New Sharon was arrested for Domestic Violence Assault Class D and transported to jail.   

8/20./2017 1532hrs, Deputy Scovil was dispatched to a motorcycle crash on Route 17 in Rangeley Plantation.   All parties were transported to Franklin Memorial Hospital with injuries.  Scovil was assisted by State Police, Rangeley Police and local fire and rescue.

8/20/2017 1633hts, Deputy Scovil, Deputy Burke and Lt. St. Laurent assisted The Warden service with a report of an unattended death on Stratton Brook Trail in Wyman Twp.

8/21/2017 0707hrs, Deputy Madore investigated a gas drive off complaint from Tranten’s II in Kingfield.  The vehicle was found and the driver paid for the fuel. No charges were filed.

8/21/2017 1342hrs, Deputy Madore received a complaint of a black Crown Victoria weaving in the construction area in the Avon Area.  It was reported by workers there that the two male occupants were yelling obscenities at workers.

8/22/2017 1304hrs, Deputy Morgan investigated a report of suspicious activity on the River Rd in Phillips.

8/22/2017 1656hrs, Deputy Doucette assisted State Police with an accident in New Vineyard.

8/22/2017 1858hrs, Deputy Burke assisted Farmington Police with a theft investigation.

8/23/2017 1716hrs, Deputy Doucette investigated an attempted scam on a credit card that occurred in Phillips.

8/24/2017 1107hrs, Sgt. Brann responded to the Tory Hill Rd in Phillips regarding an abandoned ATV found in the woods.

8/24/2017 1205hrs, Lt. Rackliffe responded to an accident on the Lambert Hill Rd in Strong at the request of the State Police.

8/24/2017 2232hrs, Lt. Rackliffe conducted a traffic stop on the Farmington Rd in Strong, as a result of the stop; William Addelson (21) was arrested for OUI and transported to jail.

8/24/2017 1545hrs, Deputy Morgan came upon a disturbance in progress on Mill St in Kingfield between a man and woman who used to be a couple.  A threatening complaint was filed, and the case is still under investigation.    

8/25/2017 0629hrs, Sgt. Brann investigated a complaint of a motor vehicle tailgating a second vehicle on the Lexington Rd in Kingfield.  

Deputies conducted 18 building checks all were secured; they also conducted 7 elder checks.


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